• Aluminum louvered roofs - Camargue, Algarve, Skye and Algarve roof are modular , innovative and fully closable terrace coverings, featuring rotated aluminum blades, with lights and sound as options and water drainage system integrated
  • Screen Roofs - Lapure, Lagune and Toscane are innovative, waterproof, windproof fabric, retractable or folding, allowing to create the perfect cocoon
  • Available in any sizes and installation types, Patio Covers represent the best solutions for gardens, balconies, pavilions and terraces for hotels and restaurants.
  • Structural sun protection systems and screens avoid overheating, ideal for sun-oriented buildings or large windows, present many benefits, such as:
    • a dynamic sun protection with a variety of sun screens, from glass fiber with PVC coating up to 57% or polyester textile fabric manufactured using Precontraint Ferrari technology, created especially for oexternal use, ideal for facades, conservatories, sun lounges and glass roofs.
    • thermal comfort – limiting the energy consumption by protecting against overheating,
    • visual comfort – allowing daylight to penetrate or enable the view to the outside, but providing sufficient privacy looking from outside to inside
  • aesthetic comfort – decorative roller, no wrinkling due to the zip technology
  • insect – proof
  • watertightness – polyacrylic fabrics are made resistant to watre, dirt and oil by means of a treatment which is specially developed for external applications so that, under normal circumstances, water cannot ingress into the new fabric. The surface tension makes drops of water slide off the fabric like a bead.
  • easy installation, maintenance and operating and silent system
  • available in dimensions up to 22 sqm
  • wind resistance class 3 compliant with EN 13561, no problems on winds up to 120 km/h
  • rot and mould free – tissues do not contain any biologically degradable elements making them inert against rotting.
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